Her Warrior Lord


Kyla Ayslin was confident she would win this year’s sword fighting competition at the annual games. Unfortunately, her rival resorts to cruel trickery and has her disqualified and banned from the kingdom for three months. Devastated and frightened, Kyla ends up in the mystical forest of Valhall, where she is rescued by a young man, warrior friend to Lord Egan who rules this strange land.

Not quite trusting his new visitor, yet intrigued by her fiery beauty, Egan decides to keep a close watch on her. Complying with Egan’s ways does not sit well with Kyla and creates apparent friction between herself and the handsome Lord.

A clash of minds, swords and spirits follows as they continuously challenge each other. Will Kyla avenge her rival and restore her good name or stay and succumb to the unmistakable desire Lord Egan has ignited in her?



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This book is a recommended read with FIVE angel stars from Fallen Angel Reviews.


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