The Greek Bachelor


Photographer Carlie Bowers will be staying on Zakynthos this summer to photograph luxury villas owned by her friend’s in laws. She could definitely use a vacation too, but she doesn’t like the idea of being chaperoned around the island by Alex Marinos. She’d already met the handsome bachelor, and they’d parted on a sour note, thanks to his forward manner. Any woman would be drawn to his dark Greek looks and blatant virility, but she had no interest in becoming one of his mistresses. She was ready to find the right man and settle down, so Alex had better keep his hands to himself!

Alex Marinos is content with his carefree, bachelor lifestyle and ignores his family’s insistence that he settle down with a wife. When he has to play host to his sister-in-law’s best friend, he’s forced to be the perfect gentleman—and keep his hands off her. Something that goes against his nature where beautiful women are concerned.

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