The Drakhom Taboo


Drakhoms are the offspring of humans and vampires. Typically beautiful and dark, they’re known to possess strong sexual appetites, without the need for blood. Nonetheless, accounts of unusual sexual encounters with the species has made Kate Randall wary of them. She had no desire to experience intimate activity that involved dangerously sharp teeth.

Kate is instantly attracted to her new client, Tanton Manning. No surprise there—he’s strikingly handsome and successful. But she suspects that he’s a Drakhom, which would be a good reason to stay away from him once her project is complete. Tanton, however, is determined to have this beautiful woman and wastes no time getting his message across. She plans to ignore his romantic attempts to lure her, but agrees to dinner, assuming it would be easy to tell him she didn’t mix business with pleasure.

Business, however, is the furthest thing from Tanton’s mind.

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