The Drakhom Taboo III


Ellen Sanders adores Drakhom men, and their wild, wicked passion. When she’s introduced to Drakhom Max Jensen, the attraction between them is like nothing she’d ever experienced. She eagerly takes on the task of decorating his new condo, hoping to have a hot fling with him. But he ruins it all by telling her he’s looking for a wife, and she’s vowed to never get married again. When he offers a relationship on her terms, she is more than tempted to accept, but could she walk away before getting too attached? The latter guaranteed heartache no matter what. Then again, not to experience passion with him would likely be just as painful.

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“Celia Jade has a way of connecting me to her characters through her writing, weaving layers of intimacy and relationship angst to add double doses of emotion and tension, whether it’s mental or sensual….This author is so visually adept at description and conveying Ellen and Max’s feelings, I really wanted to continue reading more.  The plot is straightforward, relationship and character oriented, tried and true.” 

FIVE BLUE RIBBON RATING from Romance Junkies!! Chrissy Dionne says: “THE DRAKHOM TABOO series has been an absolute delight to read…”   Read the review.

TOP PICK from NOR! ” This is a hot, hot, hot story and the characters continue to race along without losing pace.”  Read the review.