The Greek Tycoon


Taking a job as a personal assistant on a beautiful, private island in the Aegean seems like a good choice for Brenna Linwood. The generous salary is a bonus and it will help her finance her brother’s education. She is taken aback by her strong attraction to her gorgeous new boss, Markos Christakis, and struggles to keep things professional. However, when she enters an agreement to be his make-believe girlfriend, she’s caught in a rather unorthodox situation.

Markos Christakis has no intention of marrying, so when his parents’ attempts to find him a bride turn serious, he’s got to find a way out. It doesn’t take him long to come up with a plan in the form of his lovely new assistant, Brenna. She would be the perfect deterrent if she portrays the loving girlfriend. To make sure she accepts the deal, he makes an offer she can’t refuse. What’s more, he’ll definitely enjoy the pleasure of her company. When he starts falling for her, however, he’s entangled in his own deception.

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